Longer Career? "VETO" Programme Indicators

The development of worklife as a whole has progressed in keeping with the objectives outlined in the ‘Veto’ programme, i.e. the national programme for increasing the attraction of worklife. The aware-ness of them has increased, people have a favourable attitude towards worklife and retire on a pension later than before. The key objective has been to extend working careers by means of social and health care services.

The programme has provided a forum for examining problems of worklife and the reasons behind them. It has enabled a large-scale discussion with stakeholders, NGOs and research institutes. Also, a great number of development projects were funded through the programme. The implementation of reforms presupposes that attitudes are changed in a direction that is favourable to them. This was seen, not only as an independent objective but also as a means of supporting other objectives. During the programme, attitudes were altered in a more favourable direction towards work, and worklife issues, problems and solutions were taken up for discussion as important themes.

The monitoring group for the ‘Veto’ Programme drew up its first followup report in 2006. This report is a continuation of it. The relevant statistics and indicators have been updated and changes have also been evaluated on the basis of surveys and studies. A further aim has been to develop the indicators making use of the experiences gained.

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Tilia Boussios
Reports of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland
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