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  • 19/04/2011- The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion
    This conference was primarily a response to growing expectations for a new public health movement around the world. Discussions focused on the needs in industrialized countries, but took into account similar concerns in all other regions. It built on the progress made through the Declaration on Primary Health Care at Alma-Ata, the World Health Organization's Targets for Health for All document, and the recent debate at the World Health Assembly on intersectoral action for health.
  • 19/04/2011- A Manual for Training in Workplace Health Promotion.
    This project, funded by the European Foundation, initially developed a training framework and then a training manual for professional training in the area of Workplace Health Promotion. It also undertook widespread dissemination activities throughout Europe, which, inter alia, involved network development. The project led directly to the training of more than 5000 people throughout Europe and is still being used in a number of countries.
  • 19/04/2011- Longer Career? "VETO" Programme Indicators
    The development of worklife as a whole has progressed in keeping with the objectives outlined in the ‘Veto’ programme, i.e. the national programme for increasing the attraction of worklife. The aware-ness of them has increased, people have a favourable attitude towards worklife and retire on a pension later than before. The key objective has been to extend working careers by means of social and health care services.
  • 19/04/2011- Report - Expert Forecast on Emerging Psychosocial Risks Related to Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
    Significant changes which are taking place in the world of work lead to emerging psychosocial risks. Such risks, which are linked to the way work is designed, organised and managed, as well as to the economic and social context of work, result in an increased level of stress and can lead to serious deterioration of mental and physical health. In 2005, more than 20% of workers from the EU believed that their health is at risk because of work-related stress. The report presents the results of the expert forecast on emerging psychosocial risks, supplemented by an analysis of the scientific research on key topics identified by the experts.
  • 19/04/2011- Report - Prevention of Risks in Construction – In Practice
    Throughout the EU there is a growing recognition that standards of occupational safety and health in construction have to be improved. Each year, in the original EU-15 Member States alone, about 1300 workers are killed, another 800,000 injured and countless more suffer ill health. The human suffering caused by accidents and ill health is distressing to all concerned, the extent of which is impossible to calculate.

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